Why did GabbinFutures Disappear 4 years ago?

Gabbinfutures stopped publishing its website back in 2009. The biggest reason for its disappearance was that its advertising dollars dried up. GabbinFutres was a huge site. It took time, effort, and money to run. It was no wonder that during this time its demise was eminent. Those who remember 2008 have no problem understanding the tremendous strain put on small businesses. Millions didn't make it. Complete Business Concepts (Holders of GabbinFutures.com) barely survived. The Commodities, Futures, and Stock markets all took the heat of a collapsing economy. Association to the markets was deemed anti-American. Amazingly, Wall Street took to the hills along with their money and excuses. We the people still haven't recovered since 2007.

In 4 years we have watched scandals in the markets, banks collapse, zero interest rates, countries going bankrupt, bonds selling like donuts, escalating prices on everything, extreme political bipartisanism, new threats of war, and unemployment numbers that can't be explained or defined. Quite a unique time in our history, don't you think? I'm 60 years old and have been around the markets since 1995. I talk from experience.

Is anyone buying the new normal?

Quite frankly I'm totally disillusioned and downright disgruntle with our media coverage of economic world events. The world is of public opinion and will be what the majority thinks. Are we getting the correct information? Can we speak out with out being punished or chastised? I think not! Watch out CNN Money (or any Corporate sponsored News Organizations). Its time that all the citizens of this once great county have a forum to question your financial bias. Think that Gene Sperling, Alan Krueger, Jacob Lew, Ben Bernanke and the President are full of BS? Let us know. Yes, political speeches alone, more that move the markets.

Gabbinfutures is coming back on line to allow anyone a voice, and opinion. This site is based on Futures, and Commodities speculation. Stock, bonds, and derivates become fair game. While these markets are the principles foundation of our social economics, it no longer seems that they are in any way a gauge to determine our true economic status.

Gabbinfutures will rebuild slowly. The site is going through a total rewrite. All original content will be restored as well as some new ideas. It may seem strange that it is being released without it being totally complete. At this time many portions of the original site are missing. It's ok. Search engines are constantly scanning the gabbinfutures.com domain looking for new content. The decision was made to allow them to do so. It's better to allow them to index small portions of the site than to index a parked site. Those that are curious to see how big Gabbinfutres was can search Google with the word gabbinfutures. You will see endless pages of a site that once was. It will not take long to rebuild its relationship with all the major search engines.

They say it's a good thing to speculate on new businesses. Gabbinfutures is returning. It has the making of a very profitable website. If you wish to advertize here and build a relationship with us in the beginning stages, you will not be forgotten. It can be very expensive to advertize on a high ranked site. Help us, and we will help you.

This site is also looking for some brokers that wish to write some commentary. At this time we can only offer some free advertizing. Anyone interested can use the advertizing contact page.

We wish all the traders that visit this site the best of luck in your future endeavors. Trading today's volatile markets can be nasty business. We hope that by visiting this website it can offer some insight of others that share your feelings and opinions.

Greg Leitz
President & Owner of Complete Business Concepts.