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Advanced Commodity Spread Trading
ISBN: 0930233077     Date Published: 1985-04-01     Author(s): Harold Goldberg
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A full scale trading method is taught. This Twin-Line Method has shown phenomenal profits both historically and in real-time.
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2 dimensional Spread Trading, February 13, 2000 ByJohn E Moore (El Paso, Texas.) - See all my reviews This review is from: Advanced Commodity Spread Trading (Hardcover) The author presents an interesting way to view, and make decisions on market entry, reversing positions and final exit from trading commodity spreads.You are shown how to plot the highest and lowest daily price differences between the commodities in question. You chose these two extremes from the high, low, close, spread difference each day. He calls the process the "Twin Line" approach to spread trading.This activity gives the trader a 2 dimensional view of price differences between 2 commodities versus the customary 1 dimensional price difference of the "closing " price only.I found the system quite helpful in making entry and exit decisions, including reversing direction.You will find yourself staying out of non-trending markets and also doing one of the most difficult, but potentially most rewarding trading techniques, reversing positions when the "twin lines" criss-cross one another.I am in the process of writing an...
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A waste money and time, March 4, 2006 ByJing Feng - See all my reviews This review is from: Advanced Commodity Spread Trading (Hardcover) I have traded future spread for over four years and am looking for books for more ideas. Since I have already known the basics from other books, I felt this book is a total waste. For spread trading, I highly recommend the "Real-time proven commodity spreads" by George Angell and "Fortune-building commodity spreads" by Thomas Kallard for trading ideas.
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A trend trading program for commodity spreads, March 19, 2006 ByRichard Oldenski (St. Petersburg, FL) - See all my reviews Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?) This review is from: Advanced Commodity Spread Trading (Hardcover) This is basically a Donchian type trend trading program applied to commodity spreads. Trading this system with a portfolio of diversified commodity spreads will make profits, but with frequent whipsaw trading while waiting for the eventual profitable trend.Information on seasonal spreads, how to select spreads and money management is skimpy or lacking.Beginners will need more information than is provided in this book, and advanced spread traders probably don't need this system.
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