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An Introduction to Foreign Exchange & Money Markets (Reuters Financial Training Series)
ISBN: 047183128X     Date Published: 1999-07-01     Author(s): London, UK Reuters Limited
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Editorial Review - Book Description:
The Reuters Financial Training Series An Introduction to Foreign Exchange & Money Markets A new concept in financial education training, An Introduction to Foreign Exchange & Money Market is guides novices through the intricacies of the world`s wealthiest capital exchange markets. This book sets out to give a clear understanding of how and why these markets function, and explains the associated jargon. Readers will be able to take a more detailed look at Money Market and Foreign Exchange instruments and will be able to examine, in particular, the parameters which must be defined in order to place a value on these instruments, together with basic valuation techniques. Key features include:
* Introductory sections defining terms and giving background to theories
* Examples and calculations of various types of foreign exchange and money market transactions and instruments
* Summaries and overviews at the end of each chapter recapitulating key points and definitions
* Quick quiz questions and answers to reinforce learning
* Further resources which point to other books, articles and internet tools to widen readers` comprehension and entrench their foundation in the subject.
Each book in the series is supported by the Wiley-Reuters Financial Training web site ( This regularly updated site offers a range of screens taken directly from the Reuters terminal, information on professional exams, web links to key institutional finance web sites and much more. This book will be of particular interest to novice traders, investors and trainers in financial institutions looking for a key introductory text. Endorsed by ACI Education, the educational arm of ACI - The Financial Markets Association, the book provides a comprehensive study for anyone and everyone involved in Foreign Exchange and Money Markets.
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Not recommended for anyone who has previous experience, August 12, 1999 By A Customer This review is from: An Introduction to Foreign Exchange & Money Markets (Reuters Financial Training) (Hardcover) If you have some experience of foreign exchange trading, this book is not for yourself. You would learn everything written here within the first six weeks of your job as a foreign exchange trader. However, this book is great for the REAL beginners who want to learn about foreign exchange from the very beginning and for trainers or teachers who teach those who has little knowledge the foreign exchange. This book starts from explaining what bids and asks are and explains so far up to the mechanics of foreign exchange derivatives. The most remarkable feature of this book is illustrations of deal components and market segments showing how each deal components and markets are related to each other. Detail explanation on different market conventions applied to different currencies is also useful. Short questions at end of chapters are good to review what you should take away from the chapters.
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Pithecanthropus, September 10, 2001 By A Customer This review is from: An Introduction to Foreign Exchange & Money Markets (Reuters Financial Training) (Hardcover) The book contains a wealth of practical information however there are errors in the mathematical formulas, dates and etc. This is most frustrating from a reader point of view and dampened the confidence in the material presented. However, it is relatively a easy read for general understanding of the money and FX markets. I hope the author does a more thorough check in the future edition in order to do this book justice.
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Excellent practical book for the beginners, October 2, 2000 By"indu-ny" (New York, NY USA) - See all my reviews This review is from: An Introduction to Foreign Exchange & Money Markets (Reuters Financial Training) (Hardcover) This is a great practical book for the beginners and intermediate people in the market. When I started in the market as a business analyst, with no prior experience, it was a confused world of trading. After reading this book, things make much more sense. In addition, the book explains brief analytics on how to price and when and why certain instruments will be used for trading. It is geared towards trading. Refer to other books if you are more interested in middle/back office functionality (like settlements, P&L calc, risk management etc.)
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