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Essentials of Financial Risk Management (Essentials Series)
ISBN: 0471706167     Date Published: 2005-04-20     Author(s): Karen A. Horcher
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257 Pages
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Editorial Review - Book Description:

A concise introduction to financial risk management strategies, policies, and techniques

This ideal guide for business professionals focuses on strategic and management issues associated with financial risk. Essentials of Financial Risk Management identifies risk-mitigation policies and strategies; suggestions for determining an organization`s risk tolerance; and sources of risk associated with currency exchange rates, interest rates, credit exposure, commodity prices, and other related events. Examples illustrate risk scenarios and offer tips on an array of management alternatives, including changes in the way business is conducted and hedging strategies involving derivatives.

About the Author
Karen A. Horcher, CGA, CFA, provides consulting and training in treasury, capital markets, and financial risk management for corporations, financial institutions, governments and regulators, and professional services firms. She is the author of several financial risk management titles.
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NEVER AGAIN-- did not receive shipment, October 11, 2008 ByM. lytle "mal" (sf, ca) - See all my reviews This review is from: Essentials of Financial Risk Management (Essentials Series) (Paperback) Had to reorder from another company--- lost shipment in transit since I paid for faster shipping-- and they still shipped it through the US Mail and it was not delivered in time for my paper. Very Dissapointed and probably will not order again.
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