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Agricultural Futures and Options Principles and Strategies (2nd Edition)
ISBN: 0137799438     Date Published: 1998-08-14     Author(s): Wayne D. Purcell, Stephen R. Koontz
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Prentice Hall
400 Pages
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Editorial Review - Book Description:
Reflecting on the agricultural future options markets as the stable road through the often times volatile world economy, this important guide provides a basic but functional treatment of futures/options in price risk management for agricultural commodities, fully supporting material with actual data analyses to demonstrate and illustrate concepts. Offers an integrated treatment of fundamental and technical analyses of the markets, and provides extensive treatment of fundamental demand/supply analysis with data-rich examples and illustrations. Presents full coverage of technical analysis, using actual charts and prices to demonstrate concepts, and discusses the bar chart as guides to management decisions. Emphasizes interest rate, stock index, and currency futures as important to the agribusiness and multinational firm, providing a detailed study of these dimensions and sources of risk. Now updates all data-driven illustrations and examples and offers extended content, coverage, and sophistication to treatment on options.
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