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Fire Your Broker and Trade Online Everything You Need to Start Investing Online
ISBN: 0071359486     Date Published: 2000-06-26     Author(s): Jonathan Reed Aspatore
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208 Pages
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Fire Your Broker and Trade Online tells the 45 million investors who are not yet online how they can get started. It focuses on the basics investors need, from getting the right software and opening an account to executing that first trade, without bogging them down with technical factoids and confusing misinformation. From walking the readers through a typical online trade,with reproductions of actual Web pages,to directions for developing the proper mindset, Fire Your Broker and Trade Online gets investors up and running. This all-in-one online primer includes: Profiles of today`s top ten online brokers. A detailed chapter on trading techniques. Which sectors are tailor-made for online investing, and why.
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